In heavy traffic, public areas where feet, bags, equipment and wheels are a constant, maintenance can be ongoing and, more importantly, costly.

Whiterock offers protection for walls, doors and corners and is perfect for education, health and retail environments where appearances matter. Here at Warwick Interiors, we can offer installation methods to help you meet health and safety regulations, with a durable cladding that is sure to last.

There are many benefits of installing Whiterock, it’s easy to maintain, giving a uniform, wipe clean surface that is resistant to damage and is impervious to moisture. It is low maintenance, requires fewer repairs and conforms to all EU directives on health and hygiene. Not only is Whiterock used in establishments where hygiene is of the utmost importance, such as healthcare and kitchen environments, but also where durability causes issues; such as in corridors, classrooms and supermarkets.