If you are worried about snow and ice causing injuries or disrupting your business then Warwick Group Gritting services can help. We offer cost-effective specialist gritting and salting services throughout East Anglia – keeping car parks, roads and schools, hospitals and business premises free from snow and ice.

We can take over where the local authority and highways agency’s footprint finishes, ensuring that your premises are always fully maintained including footpaths and poor access areas. We currently grit business, retail and industrial parks as well as driveways and steps of care homes, hotels, restaurants, public houses and health centres.

Our service helps to keep your business compliant with Health and Safety requirements, which state businesses must take every reasonable precaution to prevent slips and trips in the workplace. We always conduct site visits and risk assessments before tailoring gritting plans to your needs and budget to provide anything from yellow salt bins through to full-scale gritting programmes.

To ensure our customers aren’t caught out by the bad weather we receive a daily forecast from the Met Office, this gives us the time to work with you and make a decision on which of your sites require our gritting services.